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Nasjonalbiblioteket. Modified by CC BY-SA 4.0 has grown dramatically in the past year. We shared more than 1,000 stories in 2015, and launched a new channel, The Open Org, which focuses on how open source principles are changing the way we work.

We had 12 Community Moderators a year ago, and now we're up to 18. In addition to contributing content to, our moderators help us cover a diverse range of international stories. They work as our eyes and ears in a variety of communities, keeping us updated on what's going on with open source projects around the world. And they set the tone for an inclusive, collaborative, friendly, and fun community.

We welcomed more than 250 new writers, and we launched new community columns this year, such as:

And we were excited to welcome new monthly columnists, including:

In 2014, we had almost 4,700,000 page views. In 2015, we had more than 7,000,000. Last year we had more than 2,600,000 unique visits, which jumped to more than 4,600,000 this year.

Docker and OpenStack were hot topics on our site in 2014—and they still are—but our Top 20 articles in 2015 can be summed up with help from the letter P: productivity, projects, people, and Pi.

Top 20 open source stories in 2015

  1. The current state of video editing for Linux by Chris Long (Red Hat)
  2. Top 5 open source project management tools in 2015 by Robin Muilwijk (Community Moderator)
  3. Welcome to America: Here's your Linux computer by Phil Shapiro (Community Moderator)
  4. Raspberry Pi Zero: a $5 computer by Ben Nuttall
  5. 8 Linux file managers to try by David Both (Community Moderator)
  6. 8 excellent open source data visualization tools by Nitish Tiwari (Community Moderator)
  7. 5 open source alternatives to Trello by Jason Baker (Red Hat)
  8. 5 open source alternatives to Gmail by Jason Baker (Red Hat)
  9. Should I get an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi? by Ruth Suehle (Red Hat)
  10. 5 specialized Linux distributions for computer repair by Joshua Allen Holm (Community Moderator)
  11. A beginner's guide to GitHub by Aleksandar Todorović (Community Moderator)
  12. RTFM? How to write a manual worth reading by Rich Bowen (Red Hat)
  13. A beautiful, super-thin laptop that makes Fedora shine by Anderson Silva (Red Hat)
  14. This is why your open source project is failing by Nicole Engard (Community Moderator)
  15. Top 7 open source terminal emulators by Jason Baker (Red Hat)
  16. Torvalds 2.0: Patricia Torvalds on computing, college, feminism, and increasing diversity in tech by Rikki Endsley (Red Hat)
  17. 5 open source alternatives to Google Docs by Tatiana Kochedykova
  18. 9 reasons to use KDE by David Both (Community Moderator)
  19. 5 open source projects to join in 2015 by Scott Nesbitt (Community Moderator)
  20. 5 favorite Raspberry Pi and Arduino projects by Frank Thomas-Hockey

What were your favorite open source highlights from 2015? Let us know about them in the comments below.

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Rikki Endsley is the Developer Program managing editor at Red Hat, and a former community architect and editor for

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Wow, so many interesting posts there. I have surely missed reading some of them. It's time to go through the missed ones!

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