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9 stories of science evolving with open source

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Science might be looking a lot more like open source these days.

Researchers and scientists around the world are calling for freely-licensed data sets; open-access publishing conditions; and collaborative, transparent peer review. They're seeking ways open source principles might enhance centuries-old practices of knowledge production in the digital age.

It's becoming a movement: open science. In this year's series, learn more about how science is evolving through open source:

What is open science?

A primer on what is open science anyway?

US Air Force lab: robots, open source, and virtual reality

Lauren Egts shares her internship experience with NASA.

Open source and open data's role in modern meteorology

Ben Cotton gives us an update on open meteorology.

Open source sails the seven seas

Creator of Squiddo, Mauro Calvi, talks OpenCPN for weekend warriors and serious seafarers alike.

A look at Elon Musk's Hyperloop competition

SpaceX announced a design competition for the most important Hyperloop component: the human cargo pod.

The Dronecode Foundation aims to keep UAVs open

Program manager for the new foundation, Trishan de Lanerolle, gives us a rundown on their plans.

Manipulating data in 3D with LidarViewer

A user's experience with the NASA Graphics and Visualization (GVIS) team

Explore the night sky with these two open source apps

Don Watkins discusses Stellarium and Celestia.

16 science projects for open innovation

A few open science stories you may have missed.


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