16 science projects for open innovation

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Open science plant and blossom


This year's Open Science series features great stories like Elon Musk's Hyperloop transportation system and the future of drones and open source at the Dronecode Foundation. And, our team answers the question, "What is open science, anyway?"

But you want even more open science goodness, don't you? Of course! So, here are 16 awesome open science projects you may have missed. Plus, three bonus reads. These are bookmark-worthy, folks.

Open Science beaker pattern

A Linux distribution for science geeks

Fedora Scientific is a Linux distribution specifically designed for enabling open science.

What makes this journal the most open?

F1000Research, a scientific journal with a strong focus on open access and life sciences, operates quite differently than even the average open access journal.

Open source electronics project: Oscilloscope

A couple of years ago, Bryan Reeves needed an oscilloscope for a 500W Tesla coil electronics project he was working on.

International team of scientists open sources search for malaria cure

The Open Source Malaria (OSM) team searches for an antimalarial drug candidate suitable for Phase 1 clinical trials.

Mozilla's Science Lab is a hub for the open research community

Kaitlin Thaney, director of the Mozilla Science Lab, answers how can we best address the bottlenecks slowing down scientific research.

Respected journal makes transition to open science

Scientific journal Nature Methods goes from closed to open, embracing open science practices with the purpose of enabling true reproducible research.

Scientists manage research with open source Zotero

Steven Ovadia of My Linux Rig shares how he uses this tool to capture research and generate bibliographies.

Using OpenStack for scientific research

OpenStack is a powerful tool for managing scientific infrastructure.

Digital archaeology and open source

The Digital Index of North American Archaeology is an index of linked open data citations and ontological connections.

Collaborative science writing made easier with JotGit

Making it easy to use Git to track and publish everything related to a scientific paper.

Open digital science journal gains users

The medical image community embraces open source as a standard practice with the adoption of the Insight Toolkit (ITK).

What's open source got to do with Earth science? NASA explains

Apache Open Climate Workbench is an effort to develop a software library that facilitates climate model evaluation using model and observational datasets.

A web platform for streamlining scientific workflows

The Center for Open Science (COS) is building free and open tools to make research more efficient.

Can we make research more like the web?

A talk about Mozilla’s Science Lab, Software Carpentry, and more.

7 rules of thumb for your open science project

Guidelines related to the Science Code Manifesto that apply to MATLAB and other programming languages and environments.

Some patients are eager to share their personal data

Open Humans is a project that grew out of the Personal Genome Project, which seeks to answer how share while protecting privacy.

3 bonus reads

4 ways to make open science easier

The benefits of working in the open for science outweigh how hard it can be.

The value of open data in academic science

Delft University of Technology is one of the many academic institutions joining a force of dedicated people making significant contributions to finding responsible solutions to societal problems.

Can open science help patients and save pharma?

How we improve efficiency in pharma R&D while protecting patient safety and research quality.

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