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Top 10 and editor's picks: July review

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We published 92 articles in July, including two series: Open Source for System Administrators and Texas Linux Fest. We welcomed 15 new authors, and our community moderators contributed 24 articles (26% of our total content).

We also introduced two new columns last month. Community moderator Don Watkins started a new column on Opening Up Education, and James Falkner introduced a new Community Metrics Playbook column.

Our team thanks the 1,200+ community members who took our annual editorial survey last month. Reader feedback helps us set the direction for Opensource.com, and the survey comments warmed our community-loving hearts. Here are a few of our many favorites:

  • "Your articles are very informative and easy to understand—perfect to forward it to executive officers making a case for open source. Thanks for that."
  • "I really like Opensource.com for all sorts of reasons, including offering a platform for community writing and leveraging open source with open tutorials. I think it offers a great balance on the overview vs. in-depth perspective. And it's great fun to read the ideas of so many competent contributors."
  • "Your resources are great, especially for beginners. I like the work to move open source ideas to practical fields beyond software."
  • "The Opensource.com editorial team is one of the best teams I have come across. They helped me in writing my open source story in an enthusiastic way."
  • "Good job with the newsletter. I generally follow links in your weekly email and research topics on my own further after getting an awareness from you."

July highlights

Top 6

Editor's Pick 6

Here are six awesome articles from July:

Top 10 articles published in July

  1. Top 10 Raspberry Pi add-on boards—by Ben Nuttall
  2. 22 open source tools for creatives—by Opensource.com
  3. Hands-on with the Linux-ready Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition—by Anderson Silva
  4. When Linux is the face of kindness—by Phil Shapiro
  5. 4 open source tools I used to write a Linux book—by Steven Ovadia
  6. 3 open source alternatives to Microsoft Publisher—by Jason Baker
  7. A open source toolkit for building your own home—by Joshua Pearce
  8. How I use Linux for theoretical physics—by Jonas Hegemann
  9. Getting started with Git—by Seth Kenlon
  10. Build your own open source solar panels—by Don Watkins

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