name tag that says hello my name is open source
Whatever tool you are looking for, there are plenty of open source software alternatives to choose from.
Team checklist and to dos
Using unit tests will likely improve your code's quality and do so without disturbing your workflow.
Puzzle pieces coming together to form a computer screen
Curiosity fuels the quest for knowledge and truth, whether it's about hardware, open source software, programming, building a PC, optimizing settings, or just learning a new application.
4 different color terminal windows with code
Show don't tell with Asciinema, an open source terminal session recorder.
Linux keys on the keyboard for a desktop computer
Use the Linux grep and fgrep commands to win your favorite word-based guessing games.
A chair in a field.
Why small, single-board computers can be the future for smart working and small offices.
5 pengiuns floating on iceburg
Linux helps to bridge the digital divide and extend the life of hardware, making it an eco-friendly choice for an operating system.
Cheat Sheet cover image
If you're going to explore Rust this year, download our free Rust cheat sheet, so you have a quick reference for the basics.
Tips and gears turning
How 12 basic principles can help teams build highly scalable apps quickly and efficiently.