4 different color terminal windows with code
In 2021, there are more reasons why people love Linux than ever before. In this series, I'll share 21 different reasons to use Linux.
hot keys for shortcuts or features on computer keyboard
Convert, print, protect, and do more with your files directly from the command line.
Person reading a book and digital copy
Use plugins to give your e-learning platform new capabilities that motivate students.
Tips and gears turning
TotalCross makes it quick to build user interfaces for embedded applications.
Metrics and a graph illustration
Setting up an environment-monitoring system demonstrates how to use open source tools to keep tabs on temperature, humidity, and more.
magnifying glass on computer screen, finding a bug in the code
Troubleshoot your code with the GNU Debugger. Download our new cheat sheet.
scientific calculator
Keep track of your spending and saving with Terminal Finances.
Digital creative of a browser on the internet
You can use free software to support a web application on a very lightweight computer.
name tag that says hello my name is open source
During my journey to learning Rust, I've noticed a few common behaviors of fellow Rustaceans.