Ship captain sailing the Kubernetes seas
Ansible is one of the best tools for automating your work.
A lock on the side of a building
Get started with gosec, the Golang security checker.
Student desk for open education
Coding is for everyone—from preschoolers to adults. Here are some ways to help you and your children learn to code.
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A weekly look at open source community and industry trends.
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Run all the Linux apps you want using Crostini on your Chromebook.
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Use chroma key or "green screen" techniques to set transparencies on your video-game graphics.
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Mu makes it easy to learn how to write Python code.
old school calculator
Nineteenth-century mathematician Charles Babbage's serial calculation machine meets its match with Python code.
Coffee beans and a cup of coffee
See how Java differs from Python and Groovy as it's used to solve a charity's real-world problem.