Looking at a map for career journey
As we ring in a new year that many hope will look a lot different than 2020, I propose we try to keep a few things that difficult year gave us:
Typewriter with hands
Note-taking is important, and plain text is an easy, neutral way to do it. Here are three tools you can spice up your notes without losing the ease and portability of plain text.
question mark in chalk
Programming languages tend to share many common traits. One great way to learn a new language is to create a familiar program. In this article, I will create a "guess the number" game by using awk to demonstrate familiar concepts.
Trust in open source is a positive feedback loop.
Team checklist and to dos
Use the Eisenhower Matrix to better organize and prioritize your to-do lists.
Person using a laptop
I learned about Go's cross-compilation capabilities by stepping out of my comfort zone.
Learning and studying technology is the key to success
Java's 25th anniversary came with important advances that prove the language's enduring value.
Calendar close up snapshot
Time boxing is a time management strategy that helps protect your time so you can focus on the task at hand.
HiFi vintage stereo
Play music for your friends, family, co-workers, or anyone else with an inexpensive audiophile setup.