December top articles and 2017 year in review

December top articles and 2017 year in review

We welcomed 233 first-time contributors in 2017 and published more than 980 articles.

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In December, we wrapped up an exciting year of open source community content on The site brought in 637,090 unique visitors who generated 1,072,932 page views for the month. We published 75 articles and welcomed 16 new authors. More than 61% of our content was contributed by members of the open source community, and our community moderators contributed 22 articles.

2017 in review

In 2017, we published 983 articles. Of these, 643 (65%) were contributed by members of open source communities, and we were excited to welcome 233 first-time writers.

In total, we calculated approximately 13,003,470 page views and about 7,906,556 monthly unique visitors.

We continued to attract a diverse audience of technology enthusiasts: 47% Windows users, 18% Android, 14% Linux, 12% MacOS, and 9% iOS users, with approximately 39% from EMEA, 32% from North America, 23% from APAC, and 6% from LATAM.

Our most popular topics (as measured by tagged articles receiving the most page views), included open source software alternatives, Linux, business, programming (especially Python), system administration, and the Raspberry Pi.

To learn more about our most popular stories from 2017, read our Best of article series.

Top 10 articles published in December

  1. Mining cryptocurrency with Raspberry Pi and Storj by David Egts
  2. An introduction to Joplin, an open source Evernote alternative by Laurent Cozic
  3. How to use PostgreSQL to streamline Python code by Dimitri Fontaine
  4. Getting started with Turtl, an open source alternative to Evernote by Scott Nesbitt
  5. Learn how to classify images with TensorFlow by Adam Monsen
  6. 5 must-read sysadmin articles from 2017 by David Both
  7. Build a game framework with Python using the Pygame module by Seth Kenlon
  8. Win a System76 Galago Pro laptop with Linux preinstalled by Alex Sanchez
  9. Using sudo to delegate permissions in Linux by David Both
  10. 10 must-read DevOps resources by Chris Short

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