Why agile teams fail, Bash tips, Emacs vs. Vim, 12 fiction reads for Linux fans, and other greatest hits

Why agile teams fail, Bash tips, Emacs vs. Vim, 12 fiction reads for Linux fans, and other greatest hits

Here's what Opensource.com readers read most last week.

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Let's look back at the most popular reads from the week of June 11-17:

  1. Bash tips for everyday at the command line, by Steve Ovens
  2. Emacs, Vim, or something else?, by Opensource.com
  3. 3 open source alternatives to Adobe Lightroom, by Opensource.com
  4. 12 fiction books for Linux and open source fans, by Jen Wike Huger
  5. An introduction to the Tornado Python web app framework, by Nicholas Hunt-Walker
  6. What version of Linux am I running?, by Joshua Allen Holm
  7. 4 tools for building embedded Linux systems, by Drew Moseley
  8. How to partition a disk in Linux, by Daniel Oh
  9. Why (some) agile teams fail, by Jen Krieger
  10. 5 microservice testing strategies for startups, by Jake Lumetta

Call for articles

Here are a few articles we'd like to see soon on Opensource.com. Let me know if you're interested in writing one:

  • Introduction to Arduino
  • A guide to learning GIMP for Photoshop users
  • A guide to learning Darktable for Lightroom users

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