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20 ways to be more productive and respect yourself

Open source tools and more efficient processes can give you an edge over your to-do list.

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The need to be productive is ingrained in who we are as human beings on some level. We oftentimes have to do yoga and meditate and breathe deeply in order to consciously slow down our minds and bodies, but when we do it helps us focus and be more productive when the time comes. Instead of constantly moving and doing, we should take periods of thoughtful breaks... or veg out in front of the TV or a sunset. And sleep at night! Then, when we're ready again, we can tackle that to-do list. Rinse and repeat.

Honoring this cycle of moving through active and restful states, our productivity series this year brought to us by author Kevin Sonney showcases open source tools and more efficient processes while paying attention to healthy practices for incorporating them and respecting the person doing the implementing, you.

Tools and technology

The software, the apps, and the programs... they are the tools we wield when we're ready to sit down and get stuff done. Here are nine open source tools you should know.

Processes and practices


Despite the criticism, is email still a favorite way for you to get stuff done? Improve on this process even more with these tips:


We often need to work with others and ask important questions to get work done and tasks completed, so scheduling meetings is an important part of being productive.

Mind games

Preparing and caring for our mental state while we work is critical to being productive. Kevin shows us how to prioritize, reflect, take care, reduce stress, rest, and focus.  

Browser of things

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Browser of things

Choice is more than a feature of Linux; it's a way of life thanks to a wealth of open source tools.
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