February top articles and highlights

February 2016: Top 10 and editor's picks

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With 821,528 page views in a 29-day month, Opensource.com had an exciting February. We published 87 articles in February, including 5 articles in our Careers in Open Source series, and we launched a new column, Open Founder, by Grant Ingersoll.

We welcomed 21 new authors, and 71% of our content was contributed by members of the open source community. Red Hatters contributed 25 articles, and our amazing group of community moderators contributed 23 articles (26% of our total content).

The Open Organization discussion around how open source is influencing leadership and team work continues to gain momentum. Some of the most popular discussions in February happened around tips for running 30-minute meetings and the art of project management. For more practical leadership tips, be sure to download our free eBook written by Open Organization community members. 

For a look at what's coming up this month, check out our March Preview.

February highlights

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Editor's Pick 6

Here are six of our favorite articles from February:

  1. How to add open source experience to your resume—by E. Dunham
  2. Kids can refurbish computers for others at Kramden—by Ashlyn VanDine
  3. Foundations, bright lines, and building successful open source ecosystems—by Stephen Walli
  4. First timer's guide to FOSS conferences—by Sarah Sharp
  5. Hacking the farm with low-cost, open source tool designs—by Don Watkins
  6. Is the vinyl LP an open music format?—by Chris Hermansen

Top 10 articles published in February

  1. 4 open source tools for Linux system monitoring—by David Both
  2. Why I fought for open source in the Air Force—by John Allison
  3. Raspberry Pi 3 rolls out with faster CPU, on-board Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth—by Ben Nuttall
  4. GPIO Zero and Raspberry Pi programming starter projects—by Ben Nuttall
  5. Cluster computing on the Raspberry Pi with Kubernetes—by Kurt Stam
  6. Top 6 open source CRM tools for 2016—by Scott Nesbitt
  7. Top 4 open source issue tracking tools—by Jason Baker
  8. Is Brave the new champion the open web needs?—by Benjamin Kerensa
  9. OpenProject: An open source project management solution—by Birthe Lindenthal
  10. Version control isn't just for programmers—by Jason van Gumster

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