Sysadmin tools, secrets of Kconfig/kbuild, 11 KDE apps, tcpdump, Laverna, Python, and more

Sysadmin tools, secrets of Kconfig/kbuild, 11 KDE apps, tcpdump, Laverna, Python, and more

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Today we launched the first article in our LISA18 speaker series, An introduction to Ansible Operators in Kubernetes by Michael Hrivnak. Check back for more articles from LISA18 speakers leading up to the event, which will be held October 29-31 in Nashville, Tennessee.

We also launched our latest cheat sheet, the Go command and packages cheat sheet, by Mihalis Tsoukalos. Do you have an idea for a cheat sheet? Send me your proposal.

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Weekly top 10 (October 8-14)

Here are our most popular articles from the past week:

metrics and data shown on a computer screen

These open source tools help users understand system behavior and output, and provide alerts for potential problems.
a compass on top of a map

Dive into understanding how the Linux config/build system works.
Terminal command prompt on orange background

This flexible, powerful command-line tool helps ease the pain of troubleshooting network issues.
Writing in a notebook

Keep your notes secure yet accessible with this basic, easy-to-use open source app.
light bulb

Here's how I used Python to discover a strategy for cost-effective fill-ups.
a checklist for a team

These best practices will make your employees more savvy and your organization more secure.
multi-colored dandelions

Driving large-scale organizational change is painful, but when it comes to DevOps, the payoff is worth the pain.
open book pages

Learn the fascinating story of Ada Lovelace, a gifted mathematician, in this book review.

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