Hot programming languages, top open source projects, MS-DOS, Python, Calcurse, and more |

Hot programming languages, top open source projects, MS-DOS, Python, Calcurse, and more

Here's what we were reading last week.

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I'm filling in for this weeks top 10 while Rikki Endsley is attending LISA 18 in Nashville, Tennessee. Our team is still coming off the high from seeing so many of our communtiy members last week at All Things Open in Raleigh, North Carolina. What a great time! Let's dive right into this weeks top 10.

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Weekly top 10 (October 22-28)

Here are our most popular articles from the past week:

Programming books on a shelf

Choose from the top 10 programming languages in 2018. Or add yours to the comments.
An open for business sign.

Microsoft's release of MS-DOS 1.25 and 2.0 on GitHub adopts an open source license that's compatible with GNU GPL.
Woman programming

The toolz library allows you to manipulate functions, making it easier to understand and test code.
Calendar close up snapshot

Keep up with your calendar and to-do list with Calcurse.
magnifying glass on computer screen

R or Python? This Python script mimics convenient R-style functions for doing statistics nice and easy.
Computer browser with books on the screen

Get this short and easy to digest JavaScript book list.
computer servers processing data

When selecting a mission-critical application, you can't afford to make mistakes.
Bug tracking magnifying glass on computer screen

Plus, five characteristics of a healthy postmortem team meeting.
Kids in a classroom learning about Raspberry Pi programming

Run your WordPress website on your Raspberry Pi with this simple tutorial.

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