Popular programming languages, Audiophile Linux distro, GNU, Bash, Raspberry PI, DevOps, GIMP, and more

Popular programming languages, Audiophile Linux distro, GNU, Bash, Raspberry PI, DevOps, GIMP, and more

Here's what we were reading last week.

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More than 3,000 readers took our poll last week: How many programming languages have you used?. And more than two-thousand respondents say they've used 5 or more programming languages. Read on to see what else was popular on Opensource.com in the past week.

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Top 10 (September 24-30)

Here are our most popular Opensource.com articles from the past week:

Programming books on a shelf

Learn why there are so many different programming languages.
Two hands holding musical notes

This lightweight open source audio OS offers a rich feature set and high-quality digital sound.
open source button on keyboard

Which GNU tool is your favorite? Here are five great responses.
bash logo on green background

Get more efficient by using condensed versions of long Bash commands.
arrows cycle symbol for failing faster

Learn how to modify the amount of swap space available on your Linux system, and how much you really need.
Arcade games

Relive the golden age of gaming with these open source platforms for Raspberry Pi.
Traffic circle with arrows pointing which way to go

The use of containers supports the three pillars of DevOps practices: flow, feedback, and continual experimentation and learning.
radio communication signals

Logreduce saves debugging time by picking out anomalies from mountains of log data.
computer servers processing data

Find performance issues quickly with these tools, which provide a graphical view of what's happening across complex software systems.

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