October review

October top articles and community update

Opensource.com welcomed 711,196 unique visitors in October, a new all-time record.

October top articles and community update
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Opensource.com welcomed 711,196 unique visitors in October, a new all-time record. We published 80 articles last month and welcomed 26 new authors.

We also held our annual community moderator meeting the day before All Things Open kicked off in Raleigh, North Carolina. Most of our moderators joined us for an all-day meeting in our offices in downtown Raleigh, and then we attended the conference together. The Opensource.com team looks forward to this reunion all year, and we're already making plans for All Things Open 2018.


2017 community moderator meeting

Opensource.com community moderators meet at Red Hat in downtown Raleigh.

The Open Org

The open organization community at Opensource.com continues to unveil new and exciting additions to its Open Organization Workbook project. Last month, we saw case studies and exercises in openness from Microsoft, Buffer, and the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

The streak continues in November, with new publications from Red Hat, Dell EMC, and Harvard University's Dataverse project. As you wait for these new stories, why not download a copy of the illustrated Open Organization Definition?

10 must-read articles

Here are 10 must-read articles from October:

  1. Why is Kubernetes so popular?—by Anurag Gupta
  2. How to use an Arduino and Raspberry Pi to turn a fiber optic neural network into wall art—by Zack Akil
  3. Getting started with Logstash—by Jamie Riedesel
  4. 7 deadly sins of documentation—by Chastity Blackwell
  5. Save time with Ansible without writing a line of code—by Shawn Powers
  6. What the data says about how Linux kernel developers collaborate—by Dawn Foster
  7. How to roll your own backup solution with BorgBackup, Rclone, and Wasabi cloud storage—by Christopher Aedo
  8. But I don't know what a container is—by Mike Bursell (Red Hat)
  9. 6 ways to work with database admins in the DevOps world—by Silvia Botros
  10. How to run DOS programs in Linux—by Jim Hall

Top 5 articles published in October

  1. Give old electronics new life with Linux and Raspberry Pi—by Leon Anavi
  2. Top 5 Linux pain points in 2017— by Jeremy Garcia (Community Moderator)
  3. Perl turns 30 and its community continues to thrive— by Ruth Holloway (Community Moderator)
  4. 10 layers of Linux container security— by Daniel Oh (Red Hat)
  5. Learn how to program in Python by building a simple dice game— by Seth Kenlon (Red Hat)

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2017 Open Source Yearbook

We've started publishing our 2017 Open Source Yearbook article collection. Be sure to look back at the 2016 and 2015 Open Source Yearbooks, too.

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