Ansible guide, Raspberry Pi, Node.js, Python, the Linux desktop, and more

Ansible guide, Raspberry Pi, Node.js, Python, the Linux desktop, and more

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Weekly top 10 (July 23-29)

a checklist for a team

There are many ways to automate common sysadmin tasks with Ansible. Here are several of them.
Storage units side by side

Follow these step-by-step instructions to build your own Raspberry Pi-based network attached storage system.
stack of books

Recommendations and reviews from our writer community of their favorite books for admins.
Programming keyboard.

Use Node.js to build a command-line interface that creates a file based on your needs.
metrics and data shown on a computer screen

New Linux tool, curt, uses the perf command's Python scripting capabilities to analyze system utilization by process, by task, and by CPU.
Scissors cutting open access to files

New open source tool extracts complex data from PDF docs, no programming skills required.
Several media players

Change audio and video file formats from one type to another with these easy-to-use tools.
Red suitcase with container outline

Package managers play an important role in Linux software management. Here's how some of the leading players compare.
Gift box opens with colors coming out

Software isn't always born ready-to-install. A package maintainer does the work to make sure each release works with your Linux distribution.
Globe up in the clouds

In the third installment in this series on common pitfalls of moving to the cloud, learn how to figure out which applications you shouldn't migrate.

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