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Top 20 open source stories in 2014

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What an outstanding year for open source and the community! We shared more than 800 stories on how the open source way is changing our world and pushing innovation to new limits. While there were a number of hot topics, the most noise seemed to gravitate around OpenStack, open hardware, and Linux containers, specifically Docker.

The staff, in partnership with our Community Moderators and members of various open source communities, collected inspiring stories, conducted interveiws, highlighted new projects, and discovered how the open source philosophy is making the world a better place. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed and shared this year. It's been a record year for A record year for open source. A year of growth, learning, and discovery.

Several milestones from 2014 stand out for me:

Other projects I'm proud of this year are our themed series on anything from open source hardware to open source for beginners and open source in education. What started as an idea evolved into a major component of our coverage this year; and, every month we presented a new theme to our readers. Other themed series favorites include youth in open source, open science, and women in open source. Another project we initiated this year that has helped us provide open source coverage to our readers is our mailing list, the Writer's List, that consists of our writers and serves to alert them to new writing opportunities with us; from interviews to conference coverage to what's next up in our themed series.

And now, the top 20 posts from in 2014...

Top 20 open source stories in 2014

  1. Top 5 open source project management tools in 2014 by Robin Muilwijk (Community Moderator)
  2. Top 3 open source business intelligence and reporting tools by Robin Muilwijk (Community Moderator)
  3. 7 favorite Raspberry Pi projects by Ruth Suehle
  4. What happens when a non-coder tries to learn Linux by Jen Wike Huger
  5. Four Linux distros for kids by Aseem Sharma (Community Moderator)
  6. How times have changed for PostgreSQL by Bruce Momjian
  7. Top 5 open source customer relationship management tools by Scott Nesbitt (Community Moderator)
  8. What's the best Linux desktop environment for me? by Meine
  9. Top 10 open source projects of 2014 by Jen Wike Huger
  10. Why is Docker the new craze in virtualization and cloud computing? by Jodi Biddle
  11. How to teach hacking in school and open up education by Pete Herzog
  12. Introduction to Linux course now free, open to all by Amanda McPherson
  13. A beginners guide to Docker by Vincent Batts
  14. Are Docker containers really secure? by Daniel J Walsh
  15. Taiga, a new open source project management tool with focus on usability by Nitish Tiwari (Community Moderator)
  16. 4 words to avoid when negotiating the use of open source at your job by Robin Isard
  17. Lawsuit threatens to break new ground on the GPL and software licensing issues by Aaron Williamson
  18. A beginners guide to understanding OpenStack by Jason Hibbets
  19. Five new, excellent OpenStack tutorials by Jason Baker
  20. Who helps your Linux distribution run smoothly? Thank a packager today by Luis Ibanez

Interesting 2014 stats

  • More than 4,600,000 page views (last year 2,100,000 page views)
  • More than 2,600,000 unique visits (last year 1,000,000 unique visits)
  • More than 3,000 new registered users
  • More than 2,000 comments
  • Almost 850 new posts
  • Almost 200 new contributors
  • More than 6,000 new Twitter followers
  • More than 90,000 new Facebook fans
  • More than 1,200 new Google+ followers

Tell us what your favorite part of 2014 for open source has been in the comments below.

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