How open source shaped our world in 2012

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It's been a great year for the Life channel. We've seen tremendous growth of the open source community, and it's been a pleasure to help record and publicize all the exciting projects all of you are working on. Here are some articles that represent the gamut of topics and stories that came through the Life channel in 2012:

Open space

NASA achieves data goals for Mars rover with open source software

NASA launches to share and collaborate further with the open source community

Open music

Open source software helps artists create music

The DRM graveyard: A brief history of digital rights management in music

Open source design in music and ecology

Open Beats rock Brazil

Open beverages

Beer: The open source beverage of choice

Homeroaster crafts a pumpkin spice latte the open source way

Beer brings people together: Obama, homebrewers, and online communities

Open gaming

I also want to add a list of the top 10 articles from the Life channel based on page views. Let us know in the comments which stories were your favorites. And it doesn't have to be one of the articles mentioned here!

Top 10 open*life posts in 2012:

  1. Raspberry Pi, Allwinner, and CuBox in the Linux hardware race to tiniest and cheapest
  2. A tour through open source creative tools
  3. NASA achieves data goals for Mars rover with open source software
  4. Top ten open source gifts for the holidays
  5. In Hacker Highschool, students learn to redesign the future
  6. January 18 captured: A SOPA blackout gallery
  7. Open Beats rock Brazil
  8. Debunking The Oatmeal and the perception of Linux as difficult to use
  9. Three tips for working with open source diagrams
  10. Why experiment with Linux?

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the Life channel—it's been quite a year!

Casey is a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in journalism. She spends too much time perusing social media sites, and she's especially fascinated by open source startups. twitter: @caseybrown_

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