April 2015 report for Opensource.com

Highlights and editor's picks: April 2015 report

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March was a record-breaking month for Opensource.com, with 629,909 page views and 369,508 unique visits. We published 84 articles including 11 posts during our Open Source in Education week.


We had 67% of the content published on the site come from the open source community, continuing our trend of more than 60% of our contributions from the community for the fifth month in a row.

We had 26 new authors and 32 previous contributors (staff included) in March.

Our What is open source? page maintained the #1 position in organic search results and generated 21,259 page views. For the fourteenth month in a row, the top article was Top 5 open source project management tools in 2014, written by one of our community moderators. It continues to get steady search traffic and was the most visited page on the site with more than 36,892 page views.

We published a new version for Top open source project management tools in 2015 that brought in almost 13K views. We have 12 moderators in our Community Moderators program, and they contributed 20 articles in March (24% of our published content), in addition to being a huge help with our social media support and syndication efforts.

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Get involved

Share your story and see our 2015 editorial calendar for writing opportunities. For example, we're looking for contributors to our recurring columns, such as Apache projects, DevOps, open hardware, Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software (HFOSS), content management, and more. We also need writers for our themes, such as Beginners to Open Source, Open Source in Education, and speaker interview series. 

Do you have an open source community story to share? In March, Daniel Duris, author of WhiteBikes gets start in Slovakia, dreams of a city near you, emailed us after his article ran. He said he's already heard back from several readers who want to learn how to launch an open source bike share system in their own communities. We love hearing these success stories. Send us yours.

Editor's picks

We received lots of great stories in March, and here are a few of our favorites you don't want to miss:

  1. We absolutely loved this inspiring story about the Asian Penguins middle school Linux club on a mission to change the world. In addition to being a middle school social studies teacher at Community School of Excellence, a Hmong charter school in Saint Paul, Minnesota, the author, Stu Keroff, is a long-time Linux enthusiast and the school's technology coordinator.
  2. Amnesty International releases a 500+ page report each year, published simultaneously in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic. Daniel James, director of 64 Studio, explains why Amnesty International chose an open source solution, Booktype 2.0, which works great for book sprints and rapid book production models.
  3. "I would rather see an organization in which the culture supports the sharing of information across teams, and that the commitment is to practices that are consistent with not just DevOps, but specifically improved delivery of software and services." Mark Hinkle, Senior Director of Open Source Solutions at Citrix, explains that open source and DevOps are part of a greater enterprise IT renaissance in his article on how to survive in this evolving technology landscape.
  4. FrontlineSMS CEO Sean McDonald explains the nine-year history of this open source tool that lets offline communities communicate via text message. With tens of thousands of users, the tool has been used to monitor international elections, communicate after natural disasters, and more.
  5. Office gossip increases confusion, misinformation, mistrust, anxiety, and stress. In A practical guide to cult(ure) of DevOps, Jen Krieger of Red Hat offers tips for increasing trust by decreasing gossip.
  6. Don Watkins interviews Jeremy Davis, community manager of Turnkey Linux, an Israel-based company that offers more than 100 ready-to-use virtual appliances.

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Top 10 articles (ranked in March, published all time)

  1. Top 5 open source project management tools in 2014 by Robin Muilwijk (Community moderator) | 36,892 page views
  2. The current state of video editing for Linux by Chris Long (Red Hat) | 17,092 page views
  3. Top 3 open source business intelligence and reporting tools by Robin Muilwijk (Community moderator) | 15,477 page views
  4. Top 5 open source project management tools in 2015, by Robin Muilwijk (Community moderator) | 12,910 page views
  5. Top 5 open source customer relationship management tools by Scott Nesbitt (Community moderator) | 11,538 page views
  6. 5 specialized Linux distributions for computer repair by Joshua Allen Holm (Community moderator) | 11,112 page views
  7. Google shares gRPC as alternative to REST for microservices by Luis Ibanez (Community moderator) | 9,749 page views
  8. How to do fast, repeatable Linux installations by David Both | 8,269 page views
  9. Docker security in the future by Dan Walsh (Red Hat) | 7,431 page views 10)
  10. Firing community members by Jono Bacon | 6,250 page views

Top 10 articles (ranked and published in March)

  1. Google shares gRPC as alternative to REST for microservices by Luis Ibanez (Community moderator) | 9,749 page views
  2. How to do fast, repeatable Linux installations by David Both | 8,269 page views
  3. Docker security in the future by Dan Walsh (Red Hat) | 7,431 page views
  4. Firing community members by Jono Bacon | 6,250 page views
  5. Why we ditched our legacy framework for Symfony by Roland Benedetti | 5,945 page views
  6. 6 Arduino projects to play with on Arduino Day by Alex Sanchez (Red Hat) | 5,672 page views
  7. Why large companies use open source ERP by Hans Bakker | 5,007 page views
  8. Create your own musical light show with Raspberry Pi by Anderson Silva | 4,411 page views
  9. Tuning Docker with the newest security enhancements by Dan Walsh (Red Hat) | 3,810 page views
  10. Intro to Grace: an open source educational programming language by Joshua Allen Holm (Community moderator) | 3,764 page views

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