December top 10: Linux command line tricks, CI/CD tools, Ansible how-tos, Kubeflow, and more

December top 10: Linux command-line tricks, CI/CD tools, Ansible how-tos, Kubeflow, and more

We round up our most popular reads from the past month.

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We published 93 articles last month, and welcomed 16 new authors:

Our "24 Days of Linux Toys" command-line series, written by editor Jason Baker, was a big hit with readers and took 8 of our top 10 spots. For this reason, we've rounded up a top 10 list of articles outside that series.

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December top 10

CICD with gears

An easy guide to the top open source continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment tools.

Kubeflow is an open source Kubernetes-native platform for developing, orchestrating, deploying, and running scalable and portable machine learning workloads.
gears and lightbulb to represent innovation

A collection of playbooks, guides, and tutorials to maximize your Ansible skills.

Learn how to automate your verifications using Python.
gears and lightbulb to represent innovation

Learn about configuration management tools and figure out which will work best for your DevOps organization.
open book pages

This list of books will help fine-tune your DevOps practice.

Culture is the greatest challenge when embarking on a DevOps transformation.
Tools for the sysadmin

Learn to install and write queries for the Prometheus monitoring and alerting system.
Setting up the LightShowPi at the terminal

Dazzle your neighbors with a do-it-yourself holiday light show. Here are top new features of LightShowPi.

Help your friends dump their proprietary operating systems and make the move to open source.

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