Bash guide, Linux terminal tricks, DevOps mistakes, Python, awk, NASA, and more

Bash guide, Linux terminal tricks, DevOps mistakes, Python, awk, NASA, and more

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Weekly top 10 (July 30-August 5)

Someone wearing a hardhat and carrying code

Tips and tricks for making the Bash shell work better for you.
bash logo on green background

Everyone wants to increase their productivity at the command line. What's your favorite tip for the Linux terminal?
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Work smarter, not harder, and still do your job well.
A robot arm illustration

Five reasons hobbyists should take a look at RISC OS.
Programming keyboard.

Check your Python code's health and make it easier to maintain with these external libraries.
Woman programming

Meet Mu, an open source editor that makes it easy for students to learn to code Python.
red pen editing mistakes

Adopting DevOps practices is fast becoming essential for digital businesses. Here are 6 common pitfalls, and how to avoid them.
Document sending

This free email client is intuitive to use, easy to customize, and available on many operating systems.
Open source news roundup for August 4, 2018

Catch up on the biggest open source headlines from the past two weeks.

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