Winners of the 2015 Community Awards

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Every year, awards people from our community who have excelled in contributing and sharing stories about open source. These stories are about open source as we use it in our everyday lives as well as how it helps to build a better world and future in technology. This year, we present to you the 2015 Community Awards in the following categories.

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People's Choice Awards

Recognizes the community's favorite contributors from 2014. Voted on by the community.

Ben Balter headshot, government at GitHub

Ben Balter

A Government Evangelist at GitHub where he leads the efforts to encourage adoption of open source philosophies.

Shauna MG headshot

Shauna McKeon Gordon

A programmer, organizer, writer, and teacher. Works at OpenHatch, volunteers with the Open Science Collaborative, organizes Open Government Boston.

Matt Micene headshot

Matt Micene

A Solutions Architect and lead engineer for DLT Solutions.

Subhashish Panigrahi new headshot

Subhashish Panigrahi

An educator and open source activist, based in Bangalore, India.

Reader's Choice Awards

Recognizes the community's favorite articles from 2014. Voted on by the community.

Why is Docker the new craze in virtualization and cloud computing? | by Jodi Biddle

Four Linux distros for kids | by Aseem Sharma

Best Interview Awards

Recognizes the community's favorite interviews from 2014. Voted on by the community.

Diversity is a crucial component of meritocracy

An interview with DeLisa Alexander of Red Hat | by Jodi Biddle

What it takes to make a cloud deployment successful

An interview with Mark Voelker of Cisco | by Jason Baker

Open source moves from accepted to expected

An interview with Dwight Merriman of MongoDB | by Robin Muilwijk

Moderator's Choice Award

Recognizes a member who has made a big difference in the community. Voted on by the Community Moderators.

Scott Nesbitt headshot

Scott Nesbitt

A tech writer and coach, based in New Zealand.

Conversation Starter Awards

Recognizes those who have excelled in starting conversations about stories published on Selected by the team.

David Both | A Linux and Open Source advocate who resides in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Chris Long | A Senior Systems Engineer at Red Hat working in Brisbane, Australia.

Patrick Masson | The General Manager for the Open Source Initiative.

Phil Shapiro | An educator and librarian at a public library in the Washington, DC area.

Don WatkinsIT consultant, educator, entrepreneur, and open source advocate.

Emerging Contributor Awards

(new award)

Recognizes new contributors to the community. Selected by the team. 

Jiri Folta headshot

Jiri Folta

A Senior Corporate Recruiter working for Red Hat in Brno, Czech Republic.

Robert Douglass headshot

Robert Douglass

A Drupal + eCommerce specialist with a music background.

Elizabeth K. Joseph profile pic

Elizabeth Joseph

A Systems Administrator at HP working on the OpenStack Infrastructure team.

BLP headshot

Ben Lloyd Pearson

Head of open source operations at the Open Source Group at Samsung and runs Open Source Today.

Tobias Pfeiffer headshot

Tobias Pfeiffer

A full-stack engineer contributing to a variety of open source projects.

Thank you to everyone who voted in this year's 2015 Community Awards and congratulations to all of the winners! See winners from 2014.


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Congratulations to all! Well deserved all around.

Congratulations to everyone . . ! !

Congratulations to everyone.

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