Happy birthday, Opensource.com: 9 years

Happy birthday, Opensource.com: 9 years

The place for helpful information about open source and Linux tools.

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Over the past nine years, Opensource.com has become a place where readers come to get helpful information about open source and Linux tools. We also share good ideas for how to be on and run teams, as well as, advance your career and expertise.

We're a new kind of publication: newsroom-less with hundreds of writers from various backgrounds, expertise, and skill levels. Our focus on writing articles that address reader's needs is what drives us every day. And having many voices chiming in to help with those problems is what makes Opensource.com a go-to resource for beginners as well as veterans.

Maybe you're a casual reader. Maybe this is your first experience with us. Or, maybe you've penned an article or two already. Either way, you can engage with us in a lot of different ways, and we hope you will.

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Share your expertise and experience with us

In 2018, we published more than 1000 articles last year by talented people in tech from various backgrounds, with various skills. This year, our goal isn't more, it's better. You are the key to that.

If you're interested in writing for us, before you put pen to paper, read our article submission and style guide. If you're writing a technical or how-to article, review our technical style guide.

Once a draft is in hand, our editorial team will copy edit and prepare it for publication. We also promote articles on our social media channels and encourage you to promote it as well.

Here's a list of our most popular topics:

  1. Alternatives -- Open source instead of proprietary
  2. Automation -- Ansible, Bash, Perl, and others
  3. Command line -- Tools, tutorials, and tips for Linux
  4. Data science -- Python, and more
  5. DevOps -- Tools and lessons learned
  6. Hardware --Tutorials for the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and more
  7. IoT -- Home automation projects, and more
  8. Java -- Tutorials, tips, tools
  9. Linux -- Getting started with a Linux command or distro
  10. Machine learning / AI -- How to get started with a tool
  1. Multimedia -- Music, audio, video, editing, 3D rendering, and more
  2. Networking -- Tutorials, introductions, and recommendations
  3. Personal stories -- Open source / Linux experiences, tips, and more
  4. Productivity tools -- Linux, open source, and more
  5. Programming -- Go, TensorFlow, Perl, JavaScript, MySQL, Rust, and more
  6. Python -- Tutorials, tips, tools
  7. Systems administration -- Sysadmin tools, tips, and more
  8. Tools -- Tell us what it's for, how it works, and where to learn more
  9. _______ (What's important for people in tech to know more about?)


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