Congratulations to the 2022 Community Award recipients

Thank you to all of the authors who contributed articles to in 2021!
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Community awards

Many journeys into open source start with community interactions. Code is an important contribution, but so is sharing knowledge. The community knowledge base is often a person's first exposure to a project.

I love working with the community of authors here at I have the privilege of visiting with the members in our Correspondents program weekly and am really looking forward to building relationships with authors and readers alike.

Each and every January, we like to commend and celebrate the community of authors at So, (drumroll please), I’m pleased to present the People's Choice Award winners for 2022

The methodology

Our community votes with its attention and engagement.

This year, the editorial team analyzed the top 12 categories by readership to find the most notable non-staff authors for each category. 

Select the link next to each author’s image to discover more about them and find a list of their contributions.

    2022 People's Choice Award for Linux

    2022 People's Choice Award for Programming

    2022 People's Choice Award for DevOps

    2022 People's Choice Award for Python

    Miguel Brito

    Tian Gao

    Darin London

    Lauren Maffeo

    Girish Managoli

    Ben Nuttall

    Aayush Sharma

    Moshe Zadka

    2022 People's Choice Award for Kubernetes

    Savita Ashture

    Noaa Barki

    Mike Calizo

    Jessica Cherry

    Chris Collins

    Yasu Katsuno

    Aayush Sharma

    Saumya Singh

    Nived V

    2022 People's Choice Award for JavaScript

    Chris Hermansen

    Mandy Kendall

    Jaivardhan Kumar

    Nimisha Mukherjee

    Ramakrishna Pattnaik

    Ajay Pratap 

    Bryant Son

    2022 People's Choice Award for Raspberry Pi

    AJ Canlas 

    Chris Collins

    Peter Czanik

    Patrick Easters

    Alan Formy-Duval

    Lukas Janėnas

    Darin London

    Javier Pena 

    Joe Truncale

    Don Watkins

    2022 People's Choice Award for Ansible

    2022 People's Choice Award for Career

    2022 People's Choice Award for Business

    2022 People's Choice Award for Community Management

    2022 People's Choice Award for Git

    Olaf Alders

    Rajeev Bera

    Manaswini Das

    Ramakrishna Pattnaik

    Thank you to all contributors!

    Thank you to all of the readers who made comments, liked posts, and helped us curate our awards. 

    Our authors donate their time and knowledge to the open source community as a whole. For more authors and great articles, check out a few of our other favorite categories:

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    Congratulations all the 2022 people choice award winners.
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